Project ART LINKS presents an exchange between artists from Serbia and other European countries. In eight years (2012-2019), ART LINKS has presented works from 89 artist from five countries. Also, it has created artistic, professional and private links between those authors and their works.

Cultural center of Novi Sad invites every year a group of artists from one European country to be guests in Novi Sad. Later in the same or next year, these artists invite to their country the same number of Serbian artists.

Both groups of artists represent their art work to their hosts-cities through group and solo exhibitions, organized solo presentations, symposiums and conversations. They meet local artists, visit museums and galleries and go to organized excursions to learn more about the culture of their host-country.

This international exchange is with each country organized in two parts, both times with the same group of artists, in Novi Sad and in the guest artists country, by the same conditions.

ART LINKS is organized every year with groups or unions of artists from different countries, so it can help in exchanging professional experience, creating network and quality dialogues between artists, but it also helps those art groups to connect between themselves and continue cooperation by making new links.

Maja Erdeljanin,

artist, curator and founder of Art links