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Born in 1968 and grew up in Kirchberg am Wechsel, a town in Lower Austria. Studied at the University of Applied Arts and the University of Vienna. Various exhibitions since 2007. Lives and works in Wegscheid am Kamp, Lower Austria. „Intimate myths“ is the theme of the works, in which the artist combines the need for archaic sensuality with psychological isolation. Her paintings and installations discuss the fragility of human existence. Inbetween surreal figuration and reduced abstraction, the compositional element is nature with its rhythms of growth and decay. On the rough canvas nature becomes a metaphor for the ambivalent character of being. The frequent usage of text offers ways, but not solutions. For her, the visual expression is „thinking life.“ Tender, melancholic, wild.


Born in Grossmugl, Austria. Lives and works as a drawer in the Weinviertel region. His grand oeuvre – new drawings are created everyday – is spontaneous, immediate and direct. In his artistic creation he tells stories of his observations, his feelings, his thoughts. The core of his art is the human – his daily life, his sensitivities and his relationships. In his work as a drawing-based painter, he needs and seeks the power of black and white. A drawing – the most authentic artistic expression – straight from the soul, from a feeling through the hand onto the paper. Nonverbal communication, captured for times to come. Using this most basic but also most cultivated of all artistic forms of dialogue, this notable and well-known artist spreads sparks of inspiration beyond the borders of Lower Austria.


Born 1948 in Pula (Istria, Croatia). Gradusted at Adult education center for arts KVHS, Lazarettgasse, 1986 in Vienna with mag. Irmgard Pavlas. Since 1989 studied at Academy for applied arts with prof. Oswald Oberhuber. Function as artist for visual arts, watercolour technique at Art-club, Greece in 1997 and in period 1998-2002 function as artist for visual arts at Stift geras. Continued education in graphic techniques since 1999 with Mag. Reinhold Eggert, Mag. Gerorg Lebzelter and Mag. Doc. Wojciech Krzywoblocki. Since 2005 she is a member of the group IntAct. Lives und works in Vienna and Belgrade.


Her paintings come from impressions that are influenced by nature and are expressions of her feelings and thoughts which take shape in art. Her deep connection to nature, as well as to the female power, find more and more recognition in my work. Also, the knowledge that everything is connected and that everything has a wholeness in the great picture. There is no detachment. Many phantasy animals and beings can be found. On the journey of searching for the genesis and always connected together in oneness. Which form is reality? Universal, world-embracing, engrained, sprouting, connected. A memory of the source of creation.


Studied Biology in Vienna, works as an IT-specialist. Despite of (or maybe because of) working in front of a computer all day, at night organic-looking, usually quite big, ceramic deepsea-creatures leave her studio after slowly and comfortably emerging beneath her hands. When time is in short supply, tiny lines, dots and colourblends are created with polymer clay and formed into unusual objects or jewellery, quirky little treasures as a counterpoint to the massive sea-creatures already lurking in every corner.
“Thick-skinned”: It is reminiscent of the way people deal with everyday irritations, large and small. Sometimes they are like blades on your skin, you have to put another layer over it to cover the tear. In the end you have a multilayered armour that protects but also isolates from the environment you live in.


Born in 1963, lives and works in Lower Austria as a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. After 20 years of working mainly in printmaking and painting his current fascination goes towards three-dimensional work. “Mixed Media” is what he calls the variety of construction, adhesive and structural materials from which his seemingly fragile sculptures – chaos creatures, guardian heads, amorphous structures – are made. Ranging from elegant, reduced forms to three-dimensional caricatures whose wit is often only revealed at a second glance. The surfaces of the objects present themselves as rough, jagged and rusty. Symposiums and work trips to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary. Conducts art classes, workshops and exhibitions.


Born in 1952 in Hollabrunn. Since 1984 he shares a ceramic studio with Rudolf Stressler. Experiencing life with all her senses and expressing thoughts without a single word but through combination of different materials and techniques is her vision. Her main focus is on clay, porcelain, scrap metal, glass and colours. She also creates objects in coproduction with her husband Rudolf.

Born in 1944 in Karlstein/Thaya, Rudolf Stressler settled down in Hollabrunn in 1966. Since 1984 close collaboration with Marie Anna Stressler. After his first attempts on the potter´s wheel in the 1970s he never stopped experimenting with selected clay masses and also built various kinds of ovens to see the impact on the glazing. Plain shapes, special glaze techniques in combination with bamboo or metal rods make his exhibits esthetical objects. He also likes to capture people and nature with his camera.


Born 1951 in Vienna. Studied Conservation and Technology (1973-1978) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Worked as Paper Conservator at the Wien Museum (1974-2011). Since 2011 she is a freelance artist. Field of artistic work is image, object and installation. The fascination of paper – so fragile and yet it can last for centuries. It can be torn, folded, painted, written on and glued together. Christine Maringer creates images and objects made of paper. She is particularly interested in structure, rhythm, space and alienation. She developes delicate images by folding Japanese paper – sometimes with a hint of colour. Natural materials and recycled waste items, found objects – in combination with paper – are given new shapes and contexts, thus stimulating a new view and perspective on familiar items. The written images and objects evoke literary associations, that have been processed and concentrated.


Born 1948 in Vienna. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (1970-1976). He is freelance artist and field of his artistic interest is wery wide: painting, drawing, sculpture, object, installation, land art and public art. His art has its origin in painting and sculpture, with a strong tendency to projects with and within space. Through sculpture in wood and stone he moves on to land art and the construction of three dimensional rooms. Both at the artist’s workshop and during symposia spontaneously painted series are realized.


Born in 1952, lives in Lower Austria. Took private studies with Prof. Adolf Frohner (1968-69). Promoted by the sculpturer Prof. Heribert Rath. Studied at Vienna Academy of Fine Arts since 1970. Studied at Famous Artists School (1972-74) and at the Gamsburg Academy with Prof. Sepp Gamsjäger in 1973. Won the First prize of The Cultural Board of the City of Vienna. Various art journeys. Since 2005 works on graphic art-design with a main interest on acrylic paintings and since 2008 he has re-awakened interests in etching and traditional relief-printing techniques. He has had more than 150 Solo- and Group-Exhibitions across Europe and US. His artistic works are in property of private and public art collections and museums. Member of the art-clubs grenz/ART, kunstraumarcade und KNH.


Born 1985 in Gavardo (Italy), lives and works in Italy and Lower Austria. Gratuated at the LABA Academy of Brescia in Visual Arts in 2010. Between 2008 and 2009 she attended the Facultad de Bellas Artes of Cuenca (Spain). First solo exhibition 2012 at the MIMESIS gallery, followed by many others such as “Fragile”, InStudio, Brescia (2015), and “Hyle” at the Mouv ‘Space in Turin (2016), or “Legami” in Brescia and Vienna (2017). In addition to a large number of group exhibitions in Italy, her work was also shown in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Spain. Today, museums are buying and collecting her works as the COLLEZIONE ARTE CONTEMPORANEA in Palazzo Bertazzoli, Bagnolo Mella, Brescia, followed by the MUSEO RONCO di Gussago in 2016, and the ARCHIVIO NAZIONALE DELL’AUTORITRATTO, MUSNIF, Senigallia (Italy).
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